Let’s Talk Stranger Danger

Hey guys, everything feels like a whirlwind…One second it was my birthday and my first vlog was up and the next second; well my second vlog is up! First of all I would like to thank my (currently) one and only subscriber, husband; for well, subscribing to my channel. Thanks, love. 😉 It was honestly more than anything I expected (even if I did threaten to manhandle him if he didn’t subscribe! LOL).
Anyways, this vlog is about stranger danger and how I react to it. I sometimes feel that people overstep boundaries that makes me, as a parent really uncomfortable. And most of the times I have no clue how to deal with it. 
Do let me know how you find today’s vlog and the topic that I talked about. Also, how do you tackle stranger danger? It would be great to know your perspective on this too!
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Hope to hear from you soon!

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