11 Months & A Fever

Z is 11 months today and at 11 months she can:
– is 8.32kgs (18 lb 5 1/2 ounces)
– crawl really fast
– stand and couch cruise
– says Mama (although this happens mostly when I’m half asleep and no where near prepared to actually take a video of her saying it!!)
– loves giving kisses by smashing her face into mine
– sleeps a bit better but still not sleeping through the night (woe is me!)
– knows when I’m scolding her and starts to pretend cry reeeaaaallyyyy loudly (Drama Queen!!)
– has two tooth (teeth?) on the bottom gums
– is properly sick; high fever and all 🙁
– is a massively overly-attached-baby. It gets pretty bad at nights that even Daddy doesn’t cut it and all she wants is Mama
To be completely honest, teething has been nothing short of a nightmare. I know I go on and on about how bad it is, but trust me when I say it has been reeeaaaal bad. If only we could do something to make it all better, poor babies. Also sorry for the straight to the point format, Z is sick and I am exhausted (bordering on sick a too). I just had to made sure that this post is up.
Anyways, since Z is asleep I better go catch some Z’s before she wakes up and it’s Mama-duty for me.
Talk to you soon, I hope.

EDIT: I wrote this post earlier but with everything going on I forgot to post it. Bad Farah. Aaaaaaanyways, I adjusted the posting date just so that it is consistent with all of Z’s other developmental posts. 😉

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