Been Away For Far Too Long

Helloo, hellooooo! I am back *dusts blog*
I know, I haven’t updated in weeks, no vlogs, no posts…nothing. What was supposed to be two weeks of fun trips, turned into one huge nightmare of Z being sick. Z had a high temperature for three days and when the fever finally broke, she had a nasty cold. And to top of the nightmare, I was sick along with Z. So husband who was already bogged down with deadlines, had to do double duty. We even had to forgo out Father’s Day celebration which I feel pretty rotten about.
And then we went off to London because we had to register Z with the Malaysian council before her first birthday and also to get her passport done. We came back on Saturday evening and found woodlice on the floor of Z’s room. So yeah, it really has been one thing after another these past few weeks and I am shattered!
So here I am hoping to make a come back but we’ll see. To be honest, I am pretty torn up on keeping the blog alive at all. Most of the times, especially recently I feel like just deleting everything and being done with it. I don’t know…this might just be an over reaction to all the exhaustion but we’ll see, I suppose.
Anyways, I think I heard Z cry so it’s back to Mama-duty for me.
Talk to you soon, I hope.

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