Z's Second Visit To The Dentist


Yeap, the picture above is basically how the entire thing went. The dentist tried to look into Z’s mouth but Z obviously clamped her mouth shut harder. And then started to cry. It was only towards the end while I held her and let her play with the tiny mirror thing that the dentist managed to get a glimpse of Z’s teeth.
I have to say that I don’t actually like the lady who is Z’s dentist. Usually in this practice they have two dentists and my dentist is different from Z (we go to the same practice because it’s just easier that way). One of the reasons that I don’t like her would be that she just kept repeating herself on sugar and how we shouldn’t give Z any. I was just like, ‘OMGeeeee, I got it the first time.Thank you!’. The second and biggest reason would be that she was oh-so-confidently telling us that teething does not hurt. I wanted to punch her face so badly when she said that! After having Z screaming her lungs out for no other reason than being in pain in the middle of the night(s), having fever and being grumpy for Lord knows how many days and weeks, she was telling us that it doesn’t hurt. I should’ve punched her teeth out and ask her to tell if it hurts or not; why yes, I do become extremely violent when I’m a sleep deprived zombie. You have no idea how many people I’ve wanted to punch these last few weeks (!!). I don’t take to stupidity kindly when I am out of my mind tired. Ppfffftttt.
Aaaaanyways, Z’s next appointment is in 3 months and by then she would have had sugar and I am pretty much okay with that. I mean it’s her birthday in two weeks, how is it possible for me to not give her cake. Right? Riiiiiiiiggghhht? But other than that, business as usual I suppose; no added sugars.
Okay guys, this zombie mama needs her beauty sleep. Talk to you soon, I hope.

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