20 Hours In & Defeated

Ramadan Mubarak y’all!!
How’s everyone’s fasting going? In the lovely UK we are fasting for a grand total of 20 hours. Sounds fun, innit? Well, no. Not really. To be honest it’s the second day of Ramadan and I have already waved my white flag of defeat. Yesterday I started having a headache at 2ish in the afternoon which just got increasingly worse as the day got on. By the time we got to actually breaking our fast, I had a full blown migraine. The worst bit was actually after saying my Maghreb prayers, I started feeling so sick that I vomited everything that I had for Iftar. And even that was not much. I couldn’t eat anything, and was just so so nauseated the whole time. Also nooooo, I’m definitely not pregnant you nosy lot!! 😮
I only managed to eat a dry toast with cheese before saying my Isya prayers and promptly went to sleep after swallowing two Paracetamol tablets. Which brings us to today, I am not fasting. I know, I know…I’m a total and full on weakling but really though it’s tough. Not only is it fasting long hours, I am also still nursing Z. And between the time where fasting begins (usually at 3am) to when it ends (around 10.15 pm) I would breastfeed Z about four times. And the routine we have going is that each time she nurses it’s a proper feed. I don’t actually let Z use the nip as a soother, so each feed she’ll almost empty out both breasts.
Now I know some Moms can do it all while fasting but for me it’s a real challenge. Especially considering the fact that I always feel ridiculously hungry after each feed. And to make sure that Z has enough milk, I have to make sure that I eat proper meals and drink lots of fluids. Hence why I am still walking around with all the baby weight. If I do portion control or skip a meal, I can actually feel my breast not filling up enough. The end result would be Z biting me because there just isn’t enough milk. Pfffffttt.
So that is it for today, although tomorrow I will be trying to fast again. Maybe if I do alternate days it wouldn’t be as hard on my body. I know that nursing moms are exempted from fasting but 29/30 days to replace later on is still a whole lot. So I’ll try my best to fast as many days as I can during Ramadan, just so that I can also be part of all the barakah that Allah s.w.t. showers upon his people on this time.
I can only pray that it all becomes easier for me as the time goes by, Insyaallah.
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