3 Years & Counting

It’s been three years since husband and I got married…
Sometimes it feels like we’ve been married for 3 days and other times 30 years.
We openly talk about our bodily functions; i.e. burps, farts, poop, pee (I blame Zia for this because we are always checking on her poop!!)
Sometimes all we want to do is strangle each other and other times we want to give each other tight hugs.
This is basically what it feel like being married for three years. Don’t be fooled, because it really isn’t all rainbows and butterflies all the time but I can honestly say that what we have just works for us. I can only pray that our bond keeps getting stronger with time, Insyaallah. And all the poop and pee talks get less!! *fingers crossed* LOL
Happy Anniversary, Mr Husband. Love you.

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