12 Months Is Also A Year

Smash cake OOTD
Shorts: Zara
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Zara
Crown: Handmade by Mama
(Oh yeah, I spent hours sewing that bad boy! This is as crafty as I get I’m afraid. LOL)

Alhamdulillah, my little Z is not so little anymore. She is already a year old and definitely stepping into toddlerhood! Oh yeah, we can see the beginnings of tantrums and anger. Not great news for us, that’s for sure! *stress*
At 12 months Z has 4 teeth; two top, two bottom. She can almost say ‘Daddy’ right but it seems as though she has forgotten how to say ‘Mama’. Pfffft. She is absolutely fixated with all our gadgets; be it remote controls, phones, handphones, laptops or tablets. If she sees one just lying around minding it’s own business, she will crawl super fast to get to it ignoring all her toys. And once she gets it of course she pops it in her mouth. -.-
For some strange reason her fascination with the carpet is still there. Z still pulls at it and occasionally tries to chew it. *shakes head* Z’s hair has already grown and she no longer has a bald spot *high five*. And most of the time she doesn’t actually mind wearing a hairband or even a beret. Putting it on however, is a whole different story.
What else….? Z can wave bye and she also has started clapping. She giggles the loudest when I clap her hands for her. It is basically almost impossible getting her to sit still on the changing table (or anywhere else for that matter). Most of the times she’s trying to escape as if her life depends on it! And also, she has started throwing things. Doesn’t matter what it is, if she is bored/angry/annoyed/or just feeling like it, she will throw it. She has already chucked my phone and my tablet just because she can! Pfffft!
I tried to do a smash cake with Z (totally influenced by Pinterest) and it failed spectacularly because we found out that Z didn’t like being messy. She would try to pick at the sprinkles that got to her legs and shake of the icing that got to her hand. So a classic case of ‘Expectation vs. Reality’ fail.
Another reason to be grateful (and also a wee bit proud) is the fact that Z has been fully breastfed up to date! Alhamdulillah. I think I will be making a vlog on this, so stay tuned for that. I’m not sure when, but Insyaallah there will be one. 😉
We currently are experiencing a few hits and misses with her sleeping all night. Sometimes things are fantastic, although most times I am inches away from wanting to yank my hair out! Although, her routine has gone through some massive changes since Ramadan has started. So that could be a factor too.
All in all, it has been one crazy, hell of a year. When Z was born, we really couldn’t imagine reaching this stage. At that time all we were focused on was for Z to get better and out of the NICU. Then out of the ward into private rooming. And from there going home. Once we reached home, we just took it a month at a time; but still always cautious and always praying that nothing bad happens. If you’re new to the blog and are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, please click on the gastroschisis link above. Thank you!
Z is such a happy, active, healthy, giggly, chatty baby; we just can’t imagine our life without her in it.
May you always brighten up our lives, Z. 
Mama and Daddy love you to the moon and back, sweetheart. And then some more.
Happy First Birthday, my cuddle monster!

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