How We Celebrated The Big ‘1’

Every Wednesday there is a Bounce & Rhyme session at the Govanhill Library for babies from 0-2 years old. I have been taking Z for these session for almost half a year already (if I’m not mistaken). It’s just a fun and chilled out time for Mums and their babies to sing silly nursery rhymes and to of course make new friends. And as a stay at home Mama, it is really nice to speak to other adults! Hah!
Since Z’s birthday fell on a Wednesday. I thought why not just do a small celebration at the library. It’ll be great to have a few people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ as opposed to just husband and I. A bit sad, no? The other reason was also the fact that it was Ramadan and we were not able to have a lunch/dinner to celebrate.
And it all worked out pretty well if you ask me. Z has always loved going to the library and meeting her lil baby friends. It became a really fun thing in the end. After that however, we headed up to the children’s hospital to give them cakes. It’s a shame though that I absolutely forgot to take a photo of Z and the midwives/nurses.
It was completely overwhelming for husband and I to be back there one year later. Even the day was the same as it was a year ago. That same hot weather. The same road. And the same nurses. We were doing all we could to not cry.
We know that we have been incredibly lucky that we’ve been blessed with a happy and active child. Although her not sleeping does get me frustrated, I love this kid so damn much! Haha. On the eve of her birthday we did a special thank you prayer and on the day itself we did one again. But it was just me and husband.
If we were back in Malaysia we would have probably celebrated it with more friends and family but oh well, when we get the chance we’ll do a really nice one with all the important people. 😉
And now, it is time for me to say my Terawih prayers. Happy Sahoor, y’all!

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