So I’ve Been Really Absent & Have Returned With A Vlog As An Apology

I know I should probably apologize for being missing for months but to appease the blogging and vlogging Gods, (and also your pretty much justifiable disappointment) I have here an offering. A weekend vlog; clips of the mundane which for me are as exciting as hell (desperate housewife, much?). And thanks to my voyeuristic tendencies of watching other people’s vlogs, I decided to make one of our weekend.

We had a lovely weekend of cold weather, comfy pyjamas and of course lots and lots of food. Ummm, yeeeeaaaah we still have leftovers of the roast chicken and the salted caramel apple crumble. Yikes!
Let me know if you enjoyed watching.

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p/s: Husband said that this video looks like some single dad type advert. First of all, I was the camerawoman because I pretty much don’t trust husband’s camera wielding skills. Second, would be that I don’t wear the hijab at home (obviously) and wasn’t going to wear it on purpose just so that I could be in the video. That would be a whole lot of funny isn’t it? Or is it? Hmmmmm….well, lets see what happens next weekend! 😉

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