Was It Racism Or Was It My Imagination?

So after weeks of being a lazy arse, today I bundled up a cranky baby (erm, should I be calling her a toddler now?!) and headed out to the library near my place. Now this isn’t the usual baby group session that I attend with Z, which is at a different library. But with the weather being what it is, I have missed a few sessions and today I started feeling restless. 
When we got to the library it was still quite empty so Z and I sat down near some shelves (so that tired Mama can lean on the shelves) and Z although a bit reserved at first, started getting comfortable. Slowly the room started filling up and, a lady in a purple T-shirt started saying ‘Hi’ to the others. She walked around taking the names of the children for the ‘Hello Song’.
Now, when she got to me she barely looked at me and quickly scribbled down Z’s name without even sparing Z a glance. And when she went to the lady seated next to me (it was her first time at that particular session too) that lady in purple, was really nice to her; even going to the lengths of introducing herself and all. 
Imagine in a room full of Caucasians, ang mohs, gores; whatever you want to call them, I was the only one who was so obviously Asian, and also the only one so very obviously Muslim. I really found the whole behaviour odd as I have always met people who were really kind and friendly towards us. This lady didn’t even smile at Z (ignored her in fact), when Z toddled up to her while they were singing the nursery rhymes.
Obviously, I felt a bit put off by the whole session regardless of the other Mamas being quite friendly. I was telling husband about my experience and obviously he responded with the classic, ‘you are probably overthinking and oversensitive’. 
Well, given the fact that 99% of the people that we have met here have been really friendly and accommodating, Mr. Husband might just be right. Although, to be sure of it, I am going to drag my arse out again next week to this particular class without caring about the rain or the wind (exaggeration much), just to get a feel of things. If I’m still not comfortable I guess I’ll just have to look for other options of entertainment. 
Fingers crossed.

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