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After months of not being around and pretty much ignoring le blog; I’ve come back to my favourite place to share a bit of baby info. I know, I know; I come back after being away and it’s all about the baby! But stay with me, okay guys?
 A few months ago, I noticed that Z had something like dry skin on her legs and arms. After lots of lotion and potions, it still wasn’t going away. We took Z to the doctors’ and he said it was eczema (even though it wasn’t itching) and gave us a lotion and another cream to apply. Unfortunately it didn’t go away.
Somewhere last week, I took Z out for a playdate and our friends all noticed how red her cheeks were (they looked like really ripe tomatoes). While were leaving, I noticed that it wasn’t red anymore. As I was talking to the other Mamas, that I then realised that I had put on a Johnson & Johnson’s lotion on her cheeks right before leaving. It was supposed to soothe Z’s irritated skin rather than leave it inflamed.
Everyone I knew, kept saying (offhandedly) how bad their products were and I decided to do some research. Conclusion: I don’t know about you guys, but I sure as hell did not know that Johnson & Johnson’s product contains ingredients that in simple terms are carcinogenic. What that means is that it contains ingredients that could, in the long term cause cancer. Now, I’m not the type that screams ‘WOLF’ all the time at every single thing.
So the findings were made in 2009; a time where I was struggling to with my Masters degree and so so far away from a family life that this didn’t even make a blip in my radar. I mean of course, logically, it takes a lot of exposure to the stuff for it to be harmful. And I agree and respect people who while knowing all the facts still proceed to use the products.
But here’s the thing, those cancer-producing ingredients are not the only thing that is in the formulation. Those other things unfortunately can irritate and aggravate certain skin conditions; which it has unfortunately with little miss Z.
It turns out that we’ve been buying lots of Johnson & Johnson’s product for Z’s bath time over the last few months and that could be one of the causes of the dry skin eczema. I really liked reading this particular post because it lists down specifically what ingredients causes which side effects.
You would think that baby products shouldn’t be harsh to their skin but in this case, we’re-oh-so-wrong. After all this reading and feeling like a horrible Mama (admit it, we all go through bouts of guilt when it comes to child rearing), I got on Amazon and ordered a small fortune in what is supposed to be ‘organic’ baby wash and shampoo.
Now, I’m not going to name those products or anything because I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve been paid to write this up (I wish I was though, LOL). However, if Z cooperates enough, I might try to take photos of her skin before and after using the organic products. Just as a comparison for myself; and for husband if he complains the organic products are too expensive to repurchase.
Now, I’m just (not so) patiently waiting for my Amazon order to arrive and to swap out all of Z’s lotions and potions.*drums fingers on table*


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