The Terrible Two’s…Gulp!

To be honest, I am at a total loss of words.
Z is two.
No more babyZ, no more gummy smiles, lots of actually saying ‘No!’; but so much fun to play with. Honest! She can now say some of the words to ‘The Wheels On The Bus’, loves playing with her Lego Duplo stuff, is starting to get the idea of playing pretend (thanks to a lovely tea set gift she received from her friend), loves food (although sometimes just refuses things, because well, she can!), throws massive tantrums (!!!), gives the best hugs, and is super affectionate when she is in the mood.
Unfortunately, she does still suck her thumb and it does look like she might need braces *sigh*. We stopped nursing when she was 18 months and the transition to formula was ridiculously smooth, Alhamdulillah. Z still has milk but only twice a day; breakfast and before sleeping.
Oh and her absolute favourite nursery rhyme is ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’. She still has some nights where she wakes up in the middle of night and doesn’t go back to sleep until a few hours later. And that’s pretty much what she’ll be doing, practicing her ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ at 1am!!
So on the day of her birthday, I set up the dining table nice and pretty with the birthday cake and some small details just so we could have a quick little photoshoot of the three of us. I wish we took more photos, but alas, it was almost time for Z’s nap and she was getting pretty cranky.
After her nap, I re-dressed her in her birthday outfit and we had some fun taking silly photos.

Dress: Monsoon (On massive sale *score*)
Shoes: GAP (bought a year ago on sale *double score*)
Headband: H&M

Having a Cinderella moment ❤️
The face you make when you realise you’re not getting anymore cake!
The following Monday after her birthdate, we had a little tea party with Z’s friend and his Mom and Aunt. Yeap, we invited just three people. It was so that I could manage everything without losing my mind! LOL. Even though her sleep is much better compared to last year, she is definitely a handful while awake. So keeping my head straight is extremely important! Pfffft!
I DIY-ed the glittery Z (from HobbyCraft), and glitterised the number 2 candle (a cheapie candle from Asda), glitterised the plastic cups, and made the tassel garland (which pretty much looks abused because Z started slapping it around and it kept dropping to the floor). Oh I also made the goody bag, since I was only giving one bag away and didn’t want to purchase 20 bags which would have been wasted. 
As for the menu, I fried (Halal) lamb samosas, made chocolate dipped strawberries, custard tarts with raspberries and chocolate tarts with peanut brittle, and lastly meringue filled with cream topped with peaches (I cheated and bought ready made tartlets and meringues). I told you, I tried to find the hassle free way for everything. 
The other bits and bobs were purchased from Asda, Paperchase, and Amazon; that concludes my preparation for our little tea party. Enjoy the photos!

After all that, I was extremely tired and wanted to sleep for a week! The next birthday, whether he likes it or not Mr. Husband is definitely helping with the whole setup. 
Happy Second Birthday, Miss Z!

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