Our Second Day Of Eid

When it’s your fourth Eid away from your family, you end up taking Eid lightly. This is exactly what has happened with us. It was amazing going to the Malaysian Community gathering and saying the Eid prayers together but after that, we came home and just relaxed. Husband drank multiple cups of coffee while Z napped and I chilled out on the couch. It was bliss.
On the second day of Eid, we decided to finally take Z on a bike ride. Initially Husband was all set to take Z on a ride by one of the many lochs but I wasn’t too keen on the idea as we didn’t know how she would react to being strapped in the seat. She might end up screaming and hating it and wanting to get down. So being far away from home, not a good idea.
But turns out; she loved it! According to husband she was singing really loudly as they were cruising through the park. This is pretty much music to my ears; daddy-daughter bonding time and me-time for Mama. Score!

Oh and if you’re wondering about the yucky grey clouds, it did rain on and off the whole afternoon but it didn’t seem to faze our little trooper.
p/s: Have I mentioned how obsessed Husband has gotten about cycling? Sigh…

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